Welcome to the Diamond Pantheon - Tutorial and New Player's Page


Talk to the Steep Norns


Read the Lite rules (PDF)
        (if you feel like it.)

Update your biography.

Buy a domain.

Create your own realm

Find something to do and begin!

More help.

Give feedback.

Getting Started


At this point, the Diamond Pantheon is accepting any new players who run a campaign of any sort, including story writers who update frequently.

Before you join, we ask that you send an email to the Steep Norns, who are in charge of new players.

Once they've responded, you are free to register.

Some things to keep in mind during registration:

The first few days

Next you will probably want to visit your profile and fill out your biography. This origin thread could help.

Within a day or two of joining, you should receive a private message from the Norns. This will contain your starting Favor, with which you can purchase a Domain. If you don't receive a message, let someone know.
Make sure you keep track of your Favor. (File, Make a copy)

Another good thing to do early on is to create a thread in the Deific Realms to design your own home. From there you can talk to the other gods and establish a base of operations.

Post or link to a summary of a recent session so people can get on board.

Tutorial/Overview of play

For newer players, it's a good idea to navigate from the homepage rather than the forums. From there, you can see that activities on the Pantheon are broken up into a few categories, all of which are based out of the Immortal Facets where the gods live.

Playing the game

You're allowed to try anything. You're a deity. Most of the time, you can assume your action works. You can even continue to describe actions as if your previous actions have succeeded. You'll be especially successful in your domain or within your own realm. The only time you might fail is if you are opposed by the will of another deity, at which point the Diamond Master will adjudicate, or you can work it out amongst yourselves.

If you want to gather more power, you'll seek Favor. You can get Favor from the Diamond Master to obtain Artifacts and Domains. Favor from the Norns is nice for leveling up or sponsoring new deities. You can also hold Favor on the other deities - meaning they owe you! Maybe you can cash that in. Keep track of your own Favor (File, Make a copy).

Once you've been around a while, you can keep up on new action just by checking the Unread Posts. Don't be afraid to revive an old thread!

It is important to know the difference between out-of-character (OOC) posts and in-character posts. Most of what you see is in-character, including Favor transactions and games. OOC posts aren't in keeping with the powers or personality of the deity, and should be limited to discussion and OOC chat threads.

We think it makes for a fun game to just jump right in and start playing as soon as you have a basic understanding.
Or you may wish to read some or all of the rules, which you can find here.

More questions? Go here!